Coffee is diverse and seasonal as a product. Depending on where in the world you are the coffee cherry will grow and ripe very differently. 

Therfor you shouldn’t for example have Brazilian coffee all year around, but between January - April when it  will taste the best. The shelflife of a coffee is depending on the variety, processing, transportation and storage. Some orgins keeps quality much longer than others, for example Kenyan coffee - due to their envolved processing procedures. 

Luickly there will always be one or more origins that harvest at different times through out the year so tasty “in season” coffee is always available. 

This is an example of when you can expect to be able to work with the different origins:


Central America

From June until February:

El Salvador
Costa Rica


Form April until February


From August until Mars 



South America: 

From January until April

All year around


These are examples of when coffee from each origin peaks in quality. That being said, it is a bit more tricky than that. A Kenyan or Ethiopian coffee in Februari can for example still be bettar than some Brazilian coffee. Simply because of the quality in generall being a lot higher from the beginning.

We believe that looking at how one Roastery buy green beans is one of the best ways of evaluation the quality of what they do.