This page is for sharing our ideas about how we like to brew coffee.
We believe that Roasting and Brewing is strongly connected and that with a few easy adjustments each individual coffee can taste a lot better in the cup. 


These recommendations are suitable for different styles off "Drip" brewing. For example, V60, Kalita, Batch Brew or Moccamaster.

1. Let the roasted coffee be at least 7 days old before your brew it. This will help you be much more consistent when you brew and it will taste better. An open bag should be used within three weeks. 
2.We always recommend to grind the coffee as close to brewing as possible. 
3. Always measure everything. (1) The amount of dry dose, (2) the amount of volume of the finished brew (in grams), and (3) the amount of time it takes from start to finish. These are all guidelines that when mastered will make your coffee taste better. 
4. Brewing ratios can and should differ between beans. As a general rule we recommend a ratio of 1:17 (Ex. 14g dry dose x 17 = 238). Extraction time will differ depending on brew method. With manual brewing we recommend anywhere between 2:20-3:00 minutes of total brew time. 
5. Every brew starts with a "stirring phase" start with pouring double the amount of the dry dose  in water (Ex. 14g of dry does = 24g of water in the first pour) and stir the coffee, a spoon would be a good thing to use, making sure that all the dry coffee is wet. This will help you brew the coffee evenly and make it more tasty. This is recommended to do on the Mechanical brewers as well. 
6. After the "stirring phase" on the manual brewing you pour the remaining of the water slowly in a circle (making sure the kettle is on the same level, not going up and down, through out the brew) in the centre of the filter. No water on the edges. Stir one last time in the end of the brew.  
7. Brewing temperature is always recommended to be somewhere between 96-99'C and in some countries it can be a good alternative to use bottled water if you brew at home. Target total water ppm should end up around 80 - 120 ppm. 
8. Our target TDS (how strong the coffee is) for filter coffee is 1,32-1,35%. This is very much a personal preference and the easiest way to adjust the strength is to change the grind size, finer (stronger) and courser (lighter). The grind size will also have a big impact on your total brew-time.  


Individual recipe for each Filter roast 

Ethiopia - Filter - Konga

Kenya - Filter - Baragwi PB

Guatemala - Filter - Sierra Morena

Seasonal - Filter - MJØLK