For me it was love at first sight - or perhaps at first taste. It was the food and beverage culture in the city that opened my eyes to this beauiful and divers city.


I remeber it clearly. It was three years ago and I was visiting Copenhagen because of the food festival MAD. We were invited to brew coffee together with a selected few other companies. I was at the time working for da Matteo in Gothenburg.


Visiting MAD was like someone poured a bucket of ice cold water over me. Waking me up, making me realize the potential and quality that excistied, not only in the city but also in the world. I found a group of people and a city that shared my dedication to quality and taste.


I knew from that moment that one day I would come back to Copenhagen and create something. A way for me to give back, and grow together with the city.


Three years later I am here and ready to start.