The person behind April is me - Patrik Rolf. I am originally from Gothenburg in Sweden, but have spent the last two years living and working in Berlin, Germany. After six years in the speciality coffee industry, and being part of several great companies, I feel the time has come for me to start my own.

The aim is to build a contemporary coffee roastery with an uncompromising approach to sustainability and quality. Its name, April, is inspired by seasonality and the diverse range of high quality that comes with the changing seasons. April is also a month and time of year that has always been very important to me; a time for change, creativity, and inspiration.

So, the process has begun, and I am now looking for a space in which to build a permanent home for April, which will be based in Copenhagen, Denmark. In the meantime, I will be roasting a limited production line at The Factory Roastlab in “downtown” Copenhagen, making use of their Loring smart roaster. I am very much looking forward to roasting on a Loring machine again, as it was with a Loring machine that I started to roast coffee.

I believe:

That sustainability can only be achieved through working with others.

That quality should never be compromised.

That, unless you love what you do, you shouldn’t do it.

That it is possible to make the world a better place through coffee.

That there is always room for improvement.

The project will start small, but with big ambitions in an vibrant and exciting city with an extraordinary approach to food and beverage, in terms of both quality and service. It is a city I wish to grow old in and play a part in shaping. This project is inspired by Copenhagen.


The only sustainable way to grow a company is to work together with others.