The business to business side of coffee has ended up in an “every man for himself” state. Coffee shops buy coffee from several roasteries, and roasteries buy green coffee from several different importers. A process that perhaps benefits the individual company short term but makes it difficult to grow sustainable in the long term. Simply because now one, apart from perhaps the coffee shops has a stable customer base.  


I want to make longterm sustainable decisions from day one. That is why I have decided to only work with one green bean importer. A decision that short term will be challenging but longterm will help me and the company to be more sustainable.


We will also focus on our concept “one coffee shop for each city” rather than having multiple shops. We want to grow together with our clients. Sending a few bags of coffee across the world is fun but in the long term not very sustainable for anyone.  


Our first step is to launch our “Early adopter program” where clients that are with us from the start and continuously as we grow will be guaranteed a certain price - that price will be available for them exclusively as long as we continue to grow together.