Roasting coffee is difficult. It always has been. What makes it so interesting is the fact that we are only just starting to learn how to roast coffee. The last 5 years has been the start of a new approach to roasting, a time of knowledge and research. 


We are still guessing a lot, but not as much as before. This is mainly due to a lot of research, sharing knowledge and better systems - like Cropster for example -  for tracking what is happening when we roast. That being said, there is still a long way to go before we fully understand how what we do when we roast effects the cup of coffee you drink. This makes roasting coffee an intriguing process. 


The green coffee sourcing is progressing fast, perhaps more so than any other part of the coffee industry, and we as roasters need to keep up. Today I am happy to be roasting once again on a Loring Smart Roast 15 kg machine. It's a roasting system that uses hot air and provides some of the cleanest roast profiles there is. It is also the roast machine that today is the most environmental-friendly. 


We are still nowhere close to the best possible cup of coffee.